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Model: 201132
Three-dimensional toy also pulls the further curiosity. - The move by pinching the beads at your fingertips. - It is simple, such as high-low, front-depth is the perfect toy to feed the perception of space. - They can trail the car with the help of rope. - The size of this car is approximately 5" x..
Rs 350.00
Model: 200821
Assemble Racing Vehicle   Assemble the pieces with the help of given tools to make the racing car and then race the car.  The vehicle body and wheels are removable and re-assembled, non-toxic paint finishes. It exercises the child's practical ability and thinking skills, is a good toy model. This c..
Rs 650.00
Model: 200825
Watch video for description!  Includes: 1 balance scale 6 weights Product Material: Wooden Product Details:  Balancing scale introduces children to the concept of weight comparison. Colorful weights can cultivate kids' recognition ability of colors and promotes brain development. The size of the ..
Rs 1,230.00
Model: 300824
Product Description:  Includes 36 pieces of blocks  Barbies x 4 Colorful blocks can teach children about colors and how to assemble them which will help them to boost their problem solving skills Kids building the block by their own hands will enhance their agility.  Blocks come in assembled form i..
Rs 1,220.00
Model: 300227
Basic Puzzle - Random This fun filled activity keeps your Child active  5 Wooden pcs of Blocks Product Material: Wooden. Promote Hand-Eye coordination. Improves cognitive thinking. It is simple to play and hours of fun for the child Non Toxic Paint used in toy The size of the puzzle is approximat..
Rs 260.00
Model: 200686
  Put the pieces in right order to complete the pictures. Size 5.5" x 5.5"..
Rs 275.00
Model: 200582
  Puzzle for kids, this is a fun filled activity that keeps your kid active n enthusiastic to complete the puzzle. The puzzle comprises of certain pieces that can be used to assemble it. The board is wooden. The size of the puzzle is approximately 5.5Ââ€Â�x 5.5Ââ€Â� (LxB).  ..
Rs 260.00
Model: 200583
  Puzzles for Kids Put the pieces in right order to complete the Picture. The size is approximately 5.5" x 5.5" (LxB).  ..
Rs 275.00
Model: 300053
Beads + String + Board Game | Urban Traffic Beads and Traffic Game Chess Includes: 82 Pcs of wood and plastic  3-D pieces of many different objects  1 upside down jigsaw puzzle 2 String Thread Product Material: Wood & Plastic (Non-toxic) Child friendly  Product Details:  It helps children to unde..
Rs 1,200.00
Model: 203270
Beauity Washer- Lian Toys- Fashionable Girls Series-2027Direct replica of a real washer.Spinning drum with 2 speeds on/off lights, spin and washing sounds.Play powder box and basket and opening powder drawer.Height 30 cm.Requires 3 x c batteries (not included).Prepare your child for the grown-up wor..
Rs 1,095.00
Model: 202035
KEY FEATUre With complete kit of Balls With  2 cue sticks  Material: Wood Box size : 69 x 37 x 11.8 cm  WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 2 x cue sticks 16 x balls 1 x rubber triangle 1 x cube powder 1 x brush..
Rs 3,080.00
Model: 202632
Billiards Big play set 2033 || Board Game | 202632 Includes: American Billiards  English Billiards 23 pool Balls 2 sticks 4 stand with tray  1 Pool Board  Product Material: Plastic (Non-Toxic) Product Details: 2 in 1 Billiards (Includes both american & English  Billiards) An amazing and interesti..
Rs 1,735.00
Model: 203996
British Card Recognized Figure Fight 5825  Includes: 3D 26 letters and 26 animal letter cards Product Material: Wooden Product Details: Fun and exciting animal learning cards that helps kids associate alphabets with shapes and animals. Improves baby learning ability, accumulate the baby's prescho..
Rs 895.00
Model: 201541
Includes:  24 piece Child's Threading Activity in a Wooden Box. Beautiful butterfly wear rope with colorful accessories. The threads have sticks for needles to help the thread through the big holes.  The bright colored, solid wooden accessories come in blue, yellow, green and pink. Product Materia..
Rs 950.00
Model: 202020
Charm Jewelry Designer - MBK-253 - Fashion up girls Creator easy to use:   Design 6 pieces of jewelry Metal accessories  6 charms 3 boxes of glitter powder 12 assorted pieces of cord ( 130 cm each ) Container of assorted shine stones Sheet of double tape Jump ring connections Instructions available..
Rs 700.00
Model: 202016
Chess Play Set - Giant Game - 60 x 40 cm - 1681 - Rong FaGiant chess pieces make a beautiful addition to your home. Can be used for outdoor as birthday gift for kids,very good quality material, water proof and light weighted.for 2 playerssize : 60 x 45 cm..
Rs 860.00
Model: 204380
Children Doodle Toys     Fill the pen with water (Following the illustration below). Drawing on the white area of the doodle-mat. The drawing will magically disappear in few minutes,kids can doodle again. The foggy lettles and arabic numbers around the white area can guide kids how to write t..
Rs 1,265.00
Model: 203496
Children's DIY Color Painting Dream Castle NO Y801 Let the Children Complete Building of one "Great Project" happily with artistic Creation, Which helps practice the Children,s hand on ability. Through the Parent-Child activities, arouse your Children's interest toward the drawing while playing gam..
Rs 2,195.00
Model: 300818
Package includes: 420+ pieces 4 Re-Attachable plates Different tools for fixing and taking out the pieces 4 packs of multi-colour puzzle pieces Features of the product: Instruction manual on how to make different aquatic animals Multi-colour boxes and triangles For children above the age of 4 Al..
Rs 1,135.00
Model: 300819
Package includes: 5 Bangles 3 set of stickers (275 stickers) Features of the product: 5 different coloured bangles. Each of different width High quality plastic Just peel the sticker and stick it on the bangle and proudly show your design Fun filled activity for girls above the age of 3 How it i..
Rs 300.00
Model: 204425
Enjoyable way of learning Farm animals through these real like looking models     6 farm animals Depicts the real ones Size of each between 4 to 6 inches  ..
Rs 1,420.00
Model: 204370
Four Color Knockout Table - Bear..
Rs 1,000.00
Model: 200552
Includes: 1 wooden pegged board  4 basic shapes 16 pieces of 4 different wooden shapes (4 circles + 4 triangles + 4 squares + 4 rectangles)  Product Material: Wooden Product Details: Geometric Sorting Board consists of a set of four colorful basic shapes which can be stacked together on the sturd..
Rs 475.00
Model: 203593
Holiday - Board Game - 1895   Instruction book with clear instructions included The Best Toy for Gifting All Time Classic Ludo Game Race to the Top! Roll The dice and take your Chances Challenge your Friends and add to the Fun     Include Content :     8 Board Game Size 8.5"*8.5" Coloring B..
Rs 390.00
Model: 200820
Includes: 12 brightly colored wooden shape blocks. intelligence box with 13 holes. Product Material: Wooden Product Details: Beautifully constructed wooden toy with 12 brightly colored, easy-to-grip shapes. Each shape fits through a hole of the same shape on the wooden cube Let your baby know dif..
Rs 1,495.00
Model: 300810
Package includes: Dinning chairs x 6 Stove x 1 Kettle x 1 Different sized plates x 3 Different cooking spoons x 5 Pot with lid x 1 Cups x 2 This all comes in little handy bag which makes this set easy to carry anywhere and can be carried by your little one too. Suitable for age 3+  Pretend play is..
Rs 375.00
Model: 201825
Includes: A box with 10 different slots, & 8 types of themes – numbers, shapes, vehicles, vegetables, stationary, clothes, animals, fruits, Chinese and English learning. Each theme has a separate bar of 10 pictures. Product Material: Wooden Product Details: To play, simply slot into either one of..
Rs 1,875.00
Model: 202519
  Lisciani - Finding Dora - Aquarium Maker 55269 Create and decorate your own corner of the ocean! A beautiful aquarium that can be assembled and customized with markers and watercolors so that you can continue to play with the Finding Dory Characters.  Made in Italy Age: 3+   Contents:   An inst..
Rs 2,352.00
Model: 202529
  Lisciani - First Word Game 54275 This kit of educational games is devised for teaching English to preschool aged children via basic educational topics. Children can construct  three fun oversized puzzles: the butterfly, the caterpillar, and millipede, which contain interlocking elements for learn..
Rs 1,185.00
Model: 202560
Lisciani - Frozen Accessories - Elastic Bracelets  Make your very own, Personalized Frozen loom bands bracelets. Contents:   Colored elastics Mini Frame Crochet Hook Beads Clip on charms stickers Ages: 6+ Product made in Italy       ..
Rs 1,080.00
Model: 202530
Lisciani - Frozen Accessories - Magic Rings Make Your very own Personalized Frozen Rings! Contents:   Assorted Rings Rhinestones  Colored Glitter  Pointed Applicators Glue Stickers Instructions  ..
Rs 1,080.00
Model: 202536
  LISCIANI -  Mandalas 47703 A prefect kit for creating and personalizing fabulous mandala drawings. Yow'll find suggestions in the box on how to create 3D mandalas using recycled and natural items such as pebbles, flowers, leavers and pasta. Made in Italy Age: 5+    Content:   Mandala stencil in..
Rs 1,265.00
Model: 202520
  Ls Art school 47833 Learn Draw Elsa, Anna and their friends from the fantastic icy world of frozen. It will be easy with the step by step notebook and the 4 wipe clean boards. By drawing on these you can rub out your work and start again Made in Italy Ages: 4+   Content   4 cardboard wipe clean..
Rs 1,805.00
Model: 203598
Ludo Small - 1878   Ludo Board Game A great game for 2 - 4 players Premium Quality Long lasting & Durable Suitable for ages 3 years and aboveÂ..
Rs 180.00
Model: 300027
Ludo Star (Magnetic) - 1981 Ludo is a fun board game for two to four players.The players roll the dice and race their four counters according to the numbers on the dice.The counters move clockwise through the network of squares, finishing the run at the designated finishing points.The player whose c..
Rs 788.00
Model: 300045
Ludo Star + Chess Game Star (2 in 1) - 1958 What's Inside? (Chess) 2 in 1 board  16 white pieces 16 Black pieces 1 pouch User guide What's Inside? (Ludo) 4 Red Counters 4 Yellow Counters 4 Blue Counters 4 Green Counters 1 Dice 1 Dice Box Setting Up Chest: The board should be set up with the whit..
Rs 790.00
Model: 204214
    Ludo Star and Cheese 2 in 1 Type : 2 Game in one Ludo Cheese Highly Quality Portable Color - Multiple      ..
Rs 630.00
Model: 300050
Butterfly Magnetic Labyrinth - (300050) Includes: 1 wooden  board 2 magnetic pen 20 magnetic balls Product details: Train the wielding skill, stabilize pen's holding and improve logic thinking. The magnetic wand is attached so it won't get lost and balls are enclosed inside the maze. This quietly..
Rs 1,025.00
Model: 204047
Magnetic Maze Puzzle | 204047 Magnetic maze series comes with 2 pens which can be attached to the board! This maze activity will help your child in tracing alphabets, the activity is to move the ball around the maze with the help of magnetic pen  Product Material: Wooden Plastic (Non-Toxic)  ..
Rs 1,425.00
Model: 300032
Monopoly Disney Princess - 3151 How to play?  Each player rolls the two white dice.The highest roller takes the first turn. Roll the two white dice. Move your token clockwise round the board the number of spaces shown on the dice. You will need to take action depending on which space you land on. I..
Rs 1,275.00
Model: 300837
A wooden box with 9 balls, numeric blocks and a hammer to get the hang of numbers in a fun way. Teach kids about hours and minutes by dragging the movable hands on the analog clock and make the learning of Time interesting. This will help to boost motor skills and imagination of children. Coordinati..
Rs 1,750.00
Model: 300207
Number Rods - Mini | 300207 Includes: 10 small rods (1-10) 10 Big rods (1-10) 1 Wooden Board Product Material: The Number Rods are a great way for the child to gain understanding of the differences of quantity. This foundation will serve them in every math activity they attempt moving forward, He..
Rs 1,436.00
Model: 200683
Wood puzzles encourage free and creative play with this safe all natural puzzle.  Our safe and easy to hold wooden puzzles are great for children and toddlers. They are a great natural toy! This ecofriendly puzzle is a great gift for any organic minded parent's child.  The size of this puzzle is app..
Rs 260.00
Model: 202473
Puzzle - Large - Alif Bay   Put the correct Alphabets in the right slot. Knobs of this board are of plastic. Size : 40 x 30 (cm) Puzzle - Large - Alif Bay now available online in Pakistan only at    ..
Rs 500.00
Model: 201229
Puzzle - Sea Horse   Puzzles for Kids, Put the pieces in right order to complete the Picture. This is a fun filled activity that keeps your kid active n enthusiastic to complete the puzzle. This is a puzzle for your kid which will help him in learning recognition skills. The board and pieces are wo..
Rs 260.00
Model: 300058
Puzzle Small - Snail 2 | 300058  Includes: Package Includes 4 jigsaw 3D pieces   Product Material: Wooden Product Details: Size of puzzle: 5.5 x 5.5 (LxB) Non Toxic Paint used in toy.  There is a jigsaw picture of snail, so it will assist the child to complete the correct picture. 3D pieces can o..
Rs 275.00
Model: 201973
Product Material: Wooden Product Details: This Wooden toy modeling is novel, baby begin to tear down all parts, can assemble with the adult The fruit can also put on the rope bundle! Rotates the turn able anti-clockwise, the entire toy is rotated, the small hammer was hammering the wooden tank. Can..
Rs 1,160.00
Model: 202180
Starwars - Storm Trooper - The Force Awakens - 3317 Action Figure Collectibles Height: 22 cm Series: Star Wars Hero Series Storm Trooper ..
Rs 775.00
Model: 201859
Stencil Mandela Design 1301 A   Stencil Mandela Design (Turn any Inspiration into your Work of Art) Design your own masterpiece! Includes art supplies for instant creative fun. Create colorful project. Let your imagination and creativity run free! Age-appropriate stencils guarantee success. Various..
Rs 590.00
Model: 203495
Sweet Go-CArt Baby Stroller No 883A   1 Doll Plastic Stroller Bottom storage shelf for diapers, clothing, bottle and accessories Designed for Baby So Sweet dolls (sold separately) Adult assembly required Ages 3 and up..
Rs 1,400.00
Model: 200662
Teaching Logarithmic Board | 200662 Includes:  10 wooden bars 55 colorful rings 20 wooden tiles Product Material: Wooden (Non-Toxic) Product Details:  Logarithmic Board can be used to enhance your child's numerical skills. This activity can also be used to understand the concept of ascending & de..
Rs 1,050.00
Model: 300057
Tetris - Clever Game Product Includes:  18 different shapes ( Dark Blue Colour)  20 different shapes (Green Colour) 18 different shapes (Yellow Colour) 20 different shapes (Pink Colour)  23 different shapes (Red Colour 14 different shapes (Blue Colour) 4 different Shapes (Black Colour) Product Mat..
Rs 1,300.00
Model: 204379
Includes: 1 pegged board 15 wooden blocks Product Material: Wooden Product Details: Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, color and size differentiation skills Includes eight smooth, easy-grasp wooden pieces to stack on the solid-wood. Sorting and stacking develops hand-e..
Rs 1,465.00
Model: 300054
Includes: 1 wooden deluxe bench 1 hammer and different 1 Wrench 1 ruler 1 screwdriver & 16 Bolts  Product Material: Wooden (Non-Toxic) Product Details:  The Puzzle tool kit can bring more creative playtime and double fun hours to your child These Puzzle tool kit is grateful to develop creativit..
Rs 1,200.00
Model: 201117
  Unlimited Transformer Robot Toy Bright and Colorful plastic robot Attractive Battle Sound and Transformation Light It can change into 6 phrases This Package Includes One Character Mask. Recommended for ages 4+ and up. The size of the product is 11.5x19.5" (LxB)      ..
Rs 1,570.00
Model: 203594
Travel - Board Game - 1896 Instruction book with clear instructions included The Best Toy for Gifting All Time Classic Ludo Game Race to the Top! Roll The dice and take your Chances Challenge your Friends and add to the Fun     Include Content :     8 Board Game Size 8.5"*8.5" Coloring Book ..
Rs 390.00
Model: 203633
UNO Avenger - 1812     Fans of the popular cartoon series and movies will recognize their favourite avengers characters, like thor and the incredible hulk, who are featured throughout the deck and do not forget to yell uno when you have one card remaining and it includes 112 cards and instructions ..
Rs 375.00
Model: 203634
UNO Barbie - 1811   Easy to pick up...impossible to put down UNO Retro combines the classic game of matching colors and numbers with special "throwback" style packaging and UNO cards! Fans will recognize the iconic red, green, yellow, and blue cards plus eight Wild cards that allow you to choos..
Rs 190.00
Model: 300026
UNO Frozen - 920 - 920222 Indulge in Endless hours of Sheer Pleasure with the Fascinating Frozen Trio. Rediscover the ultimate card game ecstasy with this exciting version of UNO !  Featuring gorgeous characters from Frozen , this UNO card pack will add a thrilling twist to your fun-packed weekends ..
Rs 375.00
Model: 203635
    UNO Princess - 1810 Easy to pick up...impossible to put down UNO Retro combines the classic game of matching colors and numbers with special "throwback" style packaging and UNO cards! Fans will recognize the iconic red, green, yellow, and blue cards plus eight Wild cards that allow you to c..
Rs 185.00
Model: 201166
Enjoyable way of learning Wild animals through these real like looking models   6 farm animals Depicts the real ones Size of each between 3 to 5 inches  ..
Rs 600.00
Model: 201161
  These animals are to be used in making models. These animals are large in size. It is used in school projects. Normally they are also used in playtime. These can also be used to help kids learn regarding animals.   ..
Rs 450.00
Model: 204429
Enjoyable way of learning wild animals through these real like looking models     6 wild animals Depicts the real ones Size of each between 4 to 6 inches  ..
Rs 1,420.00
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