Swift Game | Board Game | 707-47

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  • Swift Game | Board Game | 707-47
  • Swift Game | Board Game | 707-47


Swift Picture Bingo Game

This Item Contains:


  • 1 x tiles passing container
  • 71 x double sided BINGO! tiles
  • 6 x Two sided BINGO! cards

How To Play?



  1. Each player select a BINGO! card. Cards are two-sided (Green Side & Red Side) allow for the two levels of competition. Players should all have the same colored side facing up
  2. Load the tiles into the passing containers in two equal stack and replace the top
  3. Each Turn Player have to press the container and when the tile come out place it on your BINGO! card. if its not on your big card simply put it back on the containers and let other players have their turn

      Green Side: This side is LESS competitive as cards have fewer images in common. This level is better for younger players.


      Red Side: This side is MORE competitive. Red cards share more images. so player must act faster to claim the tiles. This level is better for older and more advanced players.

Whoever first cover all the spaces on the BINGO! card wins 

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