School Supplies

School Supplies

  • Kid's Dough Cake Set #11732 || Art Activities

    Kid's Dough Cake Set #11732 || Art Activities

    Kid's Dough Cake Set #11732 A really cute play birthday cake set, children can DIY it with themselves or have fun with their little partner Inspire your children loves serving cake to everyone Encourages kid imagination and creativity as decorates the...
  • Pizza & Pasts 5813-B || Art Activities

    Pizza & Pasts 5813-B || Art Activities

    Pizza & Pasts 5813-B The Pizza & pasta color clay series Cart Toys IS manufacture by Generic Become a Play-Doh pizza chef with all the tools to make pretend pizzas Pizza paddle has lots of half-molds to make your favorite wacky toppings Squeeze...
  • LISCIANI - Mandalas 47703 || Art Activities

    LISCIANI - Mandalas 47703 || Art Activities

      LISCIANI -  Mandalas 47703 A prefect kit for creating and personalizing fabulous mandala drawings. Yow'll find suggestions in the box on how to create 3D mandalas using recycled and natural items such as pebbles, flowers, leavers and pasta...
  • LS Coloring Art 52943 || Art Activities

    LS Coloring Art 52943 || Art Activities

    LS Coloring Art 52943 The beautiful Princesses of the kingdom of Ice are the main characters in this rich creative watercolors and Painting. Contents:   23 pictures to color A folder for storing pictures 2 cards with a list of hues A notepad with...
  • Lisciani Art school 47833 || Art Activities

    Lisciani Art school 47833 || Art Activities

      Ls Art school 47833 Learn Draw Elsa, Anna and their friends from the fantastic icy world of frozen. It will be easy with the step by step notebook and the 4 wipe clean boards. By drawing on these you can rub out your work and start again Made in...
  • Braiding Bracelet - MBK-291 || Art Activities

    Braiding Bracelet - MBK-291 || Art Activities

    Braiding Bracelet - MBK-291Braiding Bracelet Make your own creative designSimple, and easy to use.Make up to 12 Bracelets with unlimited possibilities.It can easily extensible.It includes every thing you need:Braiding LoomBraiding Loom with Movable...
  • Long Rod

    Long Rod

    Long Rod:   MONTESSORI RED RODS OBJECTIVES:   To develop the childÂ’s visual and muscular perception of length. To develop the childÂ’s co-ordination of movement. To provide controlled experiences of seriation. To give the child basic...
  • Dressing Frame Stand

    Dressing Frame Stand

      Dressing Frames Stand for 8 frames Wooden Stand for hold up to 8 Dressing Frames. It is made of natural wood. Motor skills of hands and fingers  Coordination  Independence  
  • Sand Paper Alphabets

    Sand Paper Alphabets

    A simple cursive letter is used. The children learn to write simple cursive letters from the beginning. At the same time, as these are a simple cursive letter, the children will have no difficulty in recognizing the printed letters they will...
  • Sand Paper Numbers

    Sand Paper Numbers

    Presentation:   Have the child bring over the material. Begin by sensitizing your fingers. Take out 1, trace three times and say its name: “one” Give to the child to repeat. Place the board at the top of the table. Repeat for numbers 2 and 3. Do...
  • Rough and Smooth Boards

    Rough and Smooth Boards

    Three rectangular boards: Rough and Smooth Board 1:    One divided into two halves: the first half is polished and the second half is covered in sandpaper.   Rough and Smooth Board 2:    One divided into ten strips: five...
  • Pink Tower Stand

    Pink Tower Stand

    Pink Tower Stand:Platform to stand the pink tower on.Tower not included.Age recommendation:About 3 yearsMaterial:WoodEnvironment & Safety: Quality wood from environmentally friendly plantations.Reference Picture:
  • Number Cards - 10 Cards

    Number Cards - 10 Cards

    Number Cards - 10 Cards:   The numbers 1-10 are laid out in the correct order and the counters counted out and placed in pairs beneath.(The Counters are non included in this item.) The child associates the correct number of counters with the...
  • Map of Pakistan (Large)

      Introduce the child to the Map of the Pakistan, concepts of positions and names of provinces (Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khybar Pakhtunkhwa and Jammu and Kashmir)  The colors will help the child observe the relationship between the...
  • Map of Continent (Large)

    Map of Continent (Large)

    Map of Continents:    Introduce the child to the Map of the World, concepts of Land and Oceans, Continents and various other geographical conception. Each continent is colored differently to help kids distinguish between them. ...
  • Geomatrical Solids Base - 14 Pcs

    Geomatrical Solids Base - 14 Pcs

    Geometrical Solids Base  - 14 Pcs Direct purpose: (1) The ability to visually identify the shape. (2) Recognize the name of the three-dimensional geometry. (3) Develop the concept of matching. (4) Study the relationship between three-dimensional and...
  • Geomatrical Solids - 10 Solids

    Geometrical Solids - 10 Solids A basket large enough to contain ten geometric wooden solids in blue:   A Triangular prism A Rectangular prism A Cube A Cylinder A Cone A Triangular Pyramid A Square Pyramid A Sphere An Ellipsoid An Ovoid  ...
  • Geomatrical Cabinet - 36 Shapes

    Geomatrical Cabinet - 36 Shapes

        Introduction to Shapes:   1. Take the presentation tray to a rug or table.   2. Pick any shape and lift it out by the little knob with your sub dominant hand. 3. Hold the shape exposing the back side and run index and middle...
  • Brown Stairs - 10 Cuboids

    Brown Stairs - 10 Cuboids

      The activity is called either as "Broad Stairs" or "Brown Stairs".  It is a set of ten brown solid cuboids having same color and shape.  The thickness is varied in each of them from one another exactly 10 mm.  The thinnest is of 10...
  • Stencil Design 1302 A || Art Activities

    Stencil Design 1302 A || Art Activities

    Stencil Design 1302 A (Turn any Inspiration into your Work of Art)   Create your own mandalas Includes art supplies for instant creative fun. Age-appropriate stencils guarantee success. Various themed temples for more fun    The...
  • candle factory || Art and Craft Activities

    candle factory || Art and Craft Activities

      Fun engaging in science! Learn how to make candles. Use mould to make perfect candles. 5 Experiments included Hours of educational fun! Educational game that boosts your brain power Includes a manual providing detailed instructions and scientific...
  • Floating Clay - Nara - FC-200-4

    Floating Clay - Nara - FC-200-4

      It is an oil based materials. It will not dry out, harden or shrink even leaving in the air for a long time. It can be used again and again. There is no fungus occurred in our modeling clay, therefore, no preservative is added. It is totally safe...
  • Abacus - Large

    An abacus has beads that slide on rods on a wooden frame. Abacus is a simple device you can use to make manual mathematical calculations by sliding beads along rows of rods set inside a frame. It can be used to add, multiply, subtract, divide and it can...
  • Lace Board

    Lace Board

      Learning to lace board is a milestone of childhood, and this well-designed that can help your child.  The laces are yellow in color, Excellent for practicing sewing stitches. Kid enjoys and even mothers are relaxing to use. Very sturdy and...