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SKU: Cst-Sp-Y-Medi-100

Introducing our custom-made spiral notebooks, available in three sizes:

  • Medi (5" x 7.5")
  • College (7.3" x 10")
  • A4 (8.3" x 11.5")

Please note that while the Medi size isn't pocket-sized, it is the smallest size available with us.

Our notebooks feature:

  • Front and back covers with a sturdy 250g grammage
  • plastic fog sheet is included on top of each cover to protect it.
  • High-quality pages with a 70g grammage for a smooth writing experience
  • Side binding style that gives the notebook a book-like feel
  • Top binding pad binding that keeps your notes securely in place

Our subject-specific notebooks are perfect for university students who want to organize their notes for different subjects. Each notebook is divided into:

  • 50 pages (25 sheets), with each sheet consisting of 2 pages according to the global standard of measuring pages
  • This allows for easy organization and reference of your notes

Customization options:

  • Choose to have the same design on the front and back covers or choose different designs for each.
  • Add your name to the cover for a personalized touch.
  • View the design approval on WhatsApp for an additional fee.

Please note that each cover comes with a plastic fog sheet to protect it.

Whether you're a student taking notes in class, a professional keeping track of your to-do list, or someone who enjoys journaling your thoughts, our custom-made spiral notebooks are the perfect companion for all your writing needs.



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Aneesa Rajpoot

The notebooks were very amazing 😍 like the quality of pages and cover 😍It was first experience with edukan buzz but it was really very good 😊 They deal in a good way was on time ... I customized 4 notebooks and they were so beautiful.Inshallah will shop again soon 🔜
I am late reviewing but was buzy and wanted to review .... 100% recommended 👌

Malaika Mahmood

I love it ... I ordered two notebook's 📒
And both are best in quality
Jazak Allah
I really appreciate your work 😊

Dear customer, Why have you given only 3 star if you liked our product? kindly consider revising your rating if everything was upto the mark.

Muhammad Usman

It was fabulous as always loves that fast delivery, the quality. All in all everything was great.

Customised notebook

Best experience with great quality of pages and beautiful cover as expected

Ijaz Ahmed

Experience was amazing 😍