Large Size Movable Alphabets English

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  • Large Size Movable Alphabets English
  • Large Size Movable Alphabets English



  • When the child has learned the phonetic sounds of the alphabet and knows the letters by sight and has listened for the sound in words when learning them, he is ready to build words with the large movable alphabet.
  • A large box with 28 compartments, one for each letter of the alphabet and two extra which can be used for the dots of the 'i's" and "j's."
  • The box contains stiff cut-out letters.
  • The vowels are blue and the consonants are red. 
  • Script letters are used to accustom the child to print. He does not feel these letters, so the cursive need not be used here.
  • Analysis of phonetic words as a preparation for reading, writing and spelling.


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