Junior 30 Seconds | Board Game | 0143-1

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  • Junior 30 Seconds | Board Game | 0143-1
  • Junior 30 Seconds | Board Game | 0143-1


Junior 30 Seconds Game For (Beginner Players)

This Item Contains:

  • 1 x game board
  • 1 x thirty second timer
  • 240 x cards
  • 1 x special dice
  • 4 x playing token
How To Play?

  1. Player with the first turn roll the dice
  2. Take a card from the "OUT" side of the card box. each card has green and orange side. If a player's token is on an orange square, the words on the orange side of the card must be described, and likewise for green
  3. On each side of the card there are five words, which may be described in any order
  4. the describer may not look at the words before the timer is turned over.
  5. The number that was rolled at the start of the turn is subtracted from the number of words correctly identified and the token is moved accordingly.

The first player to reach the FINISH square wins 

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